Laughing at the Funeral

by Tribal Days

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released May 15, 2016

Chris Gennone - Vocals, Guitars
Jami Garey - Vocals
Andrew Merclean - Guitars, Keys, Percussion, Beats, Ambience, Vocals and Field Recordings
Harrison Bieth - Sax


Steve Sandler - Bass
Nate Alexander - Bass on "Magazine Sundays"
Max Rauch - Vocals, Drums on "Achilles"
Marshall Green - Drums, Bass on "Exoskeleton"

Special Thanks to Frank Vilardi

Engineered by Andrew Merclean and Max Rauch
Production, Arrangement, Melodies and Harmonies by Andrew Merclean
Mixed by Josh Meakim
Mastered by James Ryskalchick

All Songs Written by Chris Gennone except "East Wind" and instrumental passages.
All Music by Tribal Days

Cover Design by Natalie Galante



all rights reserved


Tribal Days New Jersey


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Track Name: Suburban Suicide
Some things never change
I get up to fix the window frame
We'll stay for a hundred years
You're all I have to fear

Suburban suicide

There's a mountain in my mind
And I'll climb it when I find the time
I hear those sirens come
They're coming for my love
Track Name: Exoskeleton
I'm losing my luster
You're dragging me down to slumber
I'm having a good time
Out on the outside

If ignorance is bliss
Than I will sleep through it
You never wanna go home
Now that you're all alone
Track Name: Magazine Sundays
I like my magazine sundays
I like to know where my things are
I was just sitting in my car
Waiting for your invitations

I need a League of Nations
For my explanations
You said you got affection
Find me the definition
Track Name: Whales
I love the way the sun hits your face
It's like a punch in the face

I wish they'd pay
For what's in my mind
You deserve it all

Got my head in your lap
Watching the road fly by
Track Name: Headache
When the shit hits the fan, I'm the last man standing
There's something wrong with peace and understanding
It's like waking up with the world's worst headache
You got a hand but won't let it shake

Sometimes money cost too much
You can find it in the Earth's crust
I just need a vacation
But I don't need a explanation
Track Name: Conjugal Visit Child
A brother is a Buick on my head
Dragged through a decrepit driving dream
I guess it's just in my genes
I'm just waiting to meet myself

Feel like a conjugal visit child

I'm always half dead
We're all cousins to the cosmos
Everyone's got a silver tongue and it knocks me on my ass
And they will take my cash
Track Name: Achilles
You've always been my achilles heel
I just don't know how to deal
It's a sting I choose not to feel
You've got nothing left to steal

Carry you drunk up the stairs
Finding a reason to care
Pulling out all my hair
Til I got nothing to bear
Track Name: Grey Hair
We're just part of the noise
But I wish I had a choice

You're giving me grey hair
You don't even care
Bury my hair under the stairs
Track Name: Black House
I dreamt of a black house
There you were, in the dark
We don't belong in the dark

Tell me why
You're in my dreams
Track Name: Laughing at the Funeral
Laughing at the funeral
All we got left is our health
Cemetery concession
One previous recession

I've been hanging out on the wall
But it don't speak to me at all
I've been hanging on by the notion
That you will move on with the ocean